Established in 1952 as a family-run business, Galvanica Cedratese has over 70 years of experience in the surface treatment of metals within the mechanical engineering industry. Over the years, the company has undergone a constant and progressive transformation; in 1974 the facilities moved from via degli Orsini 18 to the present site in Viale Danimarca 16. Two new extensions to the structure were made in 1994 and in 2011.

In 2012, a new business unit was opened dedicated to special processes for the aeronautics, defence and space sectors. This combination of machines, people and ideas, begins to work together on new processing techniques and on developing a modern management system, distinguishing itself with cutting-edge production techniques and supplying the appropriate products within the prescribed time frame and according to the customer's requirements.

Galvanica Cedratese has grown rapidly in the past few years and has acquired enough experience to become a qualified partner of prestigious companies. Efficiency, reliability, continuous upgrading to new technology and investments in new services, are just some of the tools that Galvanica Cedratese employs to satisfy its customers' needs, offering high-quality standard products and professionalism that have always characterised the company.

Moreover, in 2012 Galvanica Cedratese became part of the Lombardy Aerospace District which was then named Lombardy Aerospace Cluster in 2014.

During 2016, the company will gain the Nadcap Certification for galvanic processes, paint/dry film coatings and fluorescent liquid penetrants.

Providing customers with a professional service

Our business approach is based on quality, expertise, efficiency and a fast and reliable service.
The constant improvement of technologies and the acquisition of new and important certifications ensure that the quality requirements of our customers are met and open the gates to European and world markets.

Our continuous objective is to achieve excellence in order to become leader in the sector.



Quality and efficiency are key elements. This is why we constantly strive to improve our processing techniques and production process.
Our drive for improvement has led us to obtain important certifications and to become consolidated partners of major companies in the aeronautics, industrial and food sectors.


One of our priorities is to safeguard the environment. We are in the constant pursuit of new solutions that minimise the consumption of water from aqueducts. We recover, sanitise and purify rainwater which is then used in the secondary cleaning processes in the automotive, motomotive, food and industrial sectors. The washing tanks are equipped with a purification and recirculation of water system while the treatment tanks send the water to a purifier that separates and purifies the water, while the residues are compressed and disposed of.

Thanks to our commitment, we have obtained the Integrated Environmental Authorisation certification and we are in the process of gaining the environmental and fire certification.